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The Work Etiquette Challenge!

Anyone who can't pass this one is just a dumbshit:

If you have foreign coworkers and you have trouble pronouncing their names, it is perfectly fine to make up sexually inappropriate nicknames for them. True False
On Monday you should talk loudly at your desk about all the people you had sex with over the weekend. True False
It's okay to urinate on the floor infront of the urinal if you gave it your best shot but just missed the target. True False
It's okay to wear a shirt that is too short so when you sit at your desk half of your ass hangs out blinding anyone who walks by. True False
It's okay if you're talking to someone to sneeze or cough directly at them if you make a fist and put it infront of your face as if that will stop all the bacteria and herpes from spraying them. True False
It's okay to suddenly sneeze really loud at your desk so all your near-by co-workers get scared and crap themselves. True False
It's okay to come to work with the flu. True False
It's okay to cough crap out of your lungs, sneeze, or blow your nose in company kitchen or eating area making sure you spread your filthy diseases to everyone. True False
It's okay to press your co-worker's monitor with your filthy, germ-infested fingers while pointing out code. True False
After taking a dump in the bathroom there is no need to flush since the next person or janitor can pull the lever as well as you can. True False
Nail clipping or shaving at your desk is like music to your co-worker's ears. True False
Your co-workers appreciate your annoying ringtone, especially when you get text messages all day. True False
It's okay to bring food to work that makes your work area smell like rotten ass. True False
It's perfectly okay and normal to loudly hock loogies and spit them in the trash in your work area. True False

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