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The Scrum Master Challenge!

Are the following statements about Agile true or false. If you can answer all these questions correctly, you are qualified to be a Scrum Master (after paying $5000 for the certificate):

The scrum should be conducted in a clockwise direction. True False
Rogbi is the Agilian god that punishes a poorly run scrum. True False
A person must pay an exorbitant amount of money to get a certificate in order to properly run a scrum. True False
It is mandatory to conclude a scrum with "Go Team!". True False
Anyone in the scrum circle is allowed to say "Go Team!" at the end. True False
If scrum does not benefit your team entirely, you are doing it wrong. True False
If someone is giving a status report instead of just answering the three sacred questions,
the scrum master needs to stop them, violently if needed.
True False
Post-It notes that aren't 3x3 inches are okay to put on the story board. True False
People should have defined, static positions within the scrum circle. True False
It's okay to hold a scrum behind people who are at their desk trying to get actual work done. True False
It's okay to hold a scrum in a hallway blocking people from walking by (also known as the fire hazard scrum). True False
It's okay to delay or block lunch for a scrum, planning, or retrospective meeting. True False

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