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Which Agile god do you most resemble?

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1. How do you feel about meetings?
I like long discussions.
A short but to the point meeting is perfect.
I hate meetings.
I just want to get back to my desk and get work done.

2. Which development tool do you prefer?
vi or vim
MS VisualStudio

3. When people at work ask you questions..
I'm happy to help in any way I can
I'll help, but I don't like when people ask me stuff I clearly know nothing about.
I ask people if they googled it first before helping.
People never ask me questions.

4. You tend to eat lunch..
With other coworkers
Sometimes with coworkers.
Rarely with coworkers.
By myself.

5. Which OS do you prefer:

6. Which programming language do you prefer:
Go, Swift, Rust, other

7. What frameworks do you like working with:
Angular, Wordpress, React, etc
Django, Flask, Jinja, etc
Boost / C++11/14/17
I don't tend to use frameworks

8. While doing a code review of someone else's software:
I tend to inform people they aren't using the best practices.
I look to make sure code style looks nice and lines up properly and look for bugs.
I mostly just press the merge button.
I don't do code reviews.

9. Which gaming system do you prefer:
I don't play games

10. Who do you look up to the most:
Linus Torvals
Steve Jobs
Bill Gates
Who are these people?

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