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The Agile Challenge!

Are the following statements about Agile true or false. If you can answer all these questions correctly, you are qualified to do Agile:

It's okay to be 1 minute late for the daily standup True False
It's okay to talk for more than 15 seconds during your turn in the scrum. True False
There are 3 sacred questions that need to be answered during the scrum. True False
Post-It notes for your tasks should be easily identifiable (color coded, etc). True False
Chickens attending the scrum provide status to the rest of the team. True False
Only the scrum master can move Post-It notes. True False
Git is a social disease that causes a burning sensation during urination. True False
Chickens provide no value to the scrum. True False
Showing tests that take 10 minutes to run during the demo portion of the retrospective is OK. True False
Showing meaningless numbers and graphs during the retrospective is beneficial to the group. True False
Members of the Agile team should not come prepared to the planning session. True False
It's not okay to enter the sacred scrum circle with the flu. True False
It's totally normal to become VERY angry when anyone criticizes Agile. True False

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